Hey, thanks for your interest in my reviews & my blog! These are ordered, alphabetically, by author (last name). Classics have been separated; you can see these at the bottom of this page.

Alderson, Sarah - Fated
Alender, Katie - Bad Girls Don't Die (#1, BGDD)
Anderson, Laurie Halse - Wintergirls
Angelini, Josephine - Starcrossed (#1, Starcrossed)
Arthur, Artist - Manifest (#1, Mystyx)
Asher, Jay - Thirteen Reasons Why


Bailey, Em - Shift
Bardugo, Leigh - Shadow and Bone (#1, Shadow and Bone)
Bardugo, Leigh - Siege and Storm (#2, Shadow and Bone)
Barnholdt, Lauren - One Night That Changes Everything
Bavati, Robyn - Dancing in the Dark
Billingsley, Franny - The Folk Keeper
Billingsley, Franny - Chime
Black, Jenna - Glimmerglass (#1, Faeriewalker)
Black, Yelena - Dance of Shadows (#1, Dance of Shadows)
Bow, Erin - Wood Angel
Bray, Libba - Beauty Queens
Bray, Libba - The Diviners (#1, The Diviners)
Brody, Jessica - The Karma Club
Buzo, Laura - Good Oil
Buzo, Laura - Holier Than Thou


Caine, Rachel - Glass Houses (#1, Morganville Vampires)
Caletti, Deb - The Six Rules of Maybe
Cameron, Emma - Cinnamon Rain Cashore, Kristin - Graceling (#1, Graceling Realm)
Cashore, Kristin - Fire (#2, Graceling Realm)
Cashore, Kristin - Bitterblue (#3, Graceling Realm)
Chaltas, Thalia - Because I Am Furniture
Clarke, Cat - Entangled
Cleave, Ryan G. Van - Unlocked
Cohn, Rachel - Dash & Lily's Book of Dares
Condie, Ally - Matched (#1, Matched)
Cooper, Michelle - A Brief History of Montmaray (#1, Montmaray Journals)
Cooper, Michelle - The FitzOsbornes in Exile (#2, Montmaray Journals)
Cross, Kady - The Girl in the Steel Corset (#1, Steampunk Chronicles)
Cross, Kady - The Girl in the Clockwork Collar (#2, Steampunk Chronicles)
Cupala, Holly - Tell Me A Secret
Cupala, Holly - Don't Breathe A Word
Cusick, John M. - Girl Parts


Dahl, Roald - Matilda
Dashner, James - The Maze Runner (#1, The Maze Runner) Deebs, Tracy - Tempest Rising (#1, Tempest)
Delsol, Wendy - Stork (#1, Stork)
Despain, Bree - The Dark Divine (#1, The Dark Divine)
Despain, Bree - The Lost Saint (#2, The Dark Divine)
Dessen, Sarah - What Happened to Goodbye
Dunlap, Susanne - Anastasia's Secret


Eagland, Jane - Whisper My Name
Eulberg, Elizabeth - The Lonely Hearts Club
Eulberg, Elizabeth - Prom & Prejudice


Fitzpatrick, Huntley - My Life Next Door
Flack, Sophie - Bunheads
Flinn, Alex - Beastly
Forman, Gayle - If I Stay (#1, If I Stay)
Forman, Gayle - Where She Went (#2, If I Stay)
Forman, Gayle - Just One Day (#1, Just One Day) 
Forman, Gayle - Just One Year (#2, Just One Day)


Gale, Emily - Steal My Sunshine
Godbersen, Anna - Bright Young Things (#1, Bright Young Things)
Godbersen, Anna - Beautiful Days (#2, Bright Young Things)
Godbersen, Anna - The Lucky Ones (#3, Bright Young Things)
Goodman, H.A. - Logic of Demons
Graham, Lauren - Someday, Someday, Maybe
Gray, Melissa - A Thousand Pieces of You (#1) - review tk!


Hainsworth, Emily - Through to You
Han, Jenny - Shug
Harrington, Hannah - Saving June
Harrington, Hannah - Speechless
Harvey, Alyxandra - Haunting Violet
Hearle, M.J. - Winter's Shadow (#1, Winter Saga)
Heasley, Gwendolyn - Where I Belong
Hodkin, Michelle - The Unbecoming of Mara Dyer (#1, Mara Dyer) - review tk
Hooper, Mary - Poppy (#1, Poppy)
Hooper, Mary - Poppy in the Field (#2, Poppy)
Howell, Simmone - Girl Detective - review tk!
Hubbard, Kirsten - Like Mandarin
Hubbard, Kirsten - Wanderlove
Hubbard, Mandy - You Wish


Isaacs, Elizabeth - The Light of Asteria (#1, Kailmeyra)


Jaffe, Michele - Rosebush
Jay, Stacey - The Locket
Jobling, Curtis - Rise of the Wolf (#1, Wereworld)
Jonasson, Jonas - The One Hundred Year Old Man Who Climbed Out the Window and Disappeared
Jonsberg, Barry - Being Here
Joyce, Rachel - The Unlikely Pilgrimage of Harold Fry


Kaynak, Kate - Minder (#1, Ganzfield)
Kehoe, Stasia Ward - Audition
Kelly, Tara - Harmonic Feedback
Kelly, Tara - Amplified
Kemmerer, Brigid - Storm (#1, Elemental)
Keplinger, Kody - The DUFF
King, A.S. - The Dust of 100 Dogs
King, A.S. - Please Ignore Vera Dietz - review tk
King, A.S. - Everybody Sees the Ants
King, A.S. - Ask the Passengers
King, A.S. - Reality Boy 
Kristoff, Jay - Stormdancer (#1, The Lotus Wars) - review tk!


LaCour, Nina - Hold Still
Laidler, James - The Taste of Apple
Levithan, David - Dash & Lily's Book of Dares
Lore, Pittacus - I Am Number Four (#1, The Lorien Legacies)
Lu, Marie - Legend (#1, Legend)
Lu, Marie - Prodigy (#2, Legend)


McGarry, Katie - Pushing the Limits - review tk!
McKenzie, Sophie - Girl, Missing (#1, Missing)
McKenzie, Sophie - Sister, Missing (#2, Missing)
Maas, Sarah J. - The Assassin's Blade (#0.5, Throne of Glass)
Maas, Sarah J. - Throne of Glass (#1, Throne of Glass)
Maas, Sarah J. - Crown of Midnight (#2, Throne of Glass)
Maas, Sarah J. - Heir of Fire (#3, Throne of Glass) Madigan, L.K. - The Mermaid's Mirror
Madonia, Kristen-Paige - Fingerprints of You
Mafi, Tahereh - Shatter Me (#1, Shatter Me)
Marriott, Zoƫ - Shadows on the Moon
Marsden, John - Tomorrow, When the War Began (#1, Tomorrow)
Martinez, Jessica - Virtuosity
Mazer, Norma Fox - Missing Girl
Meyer, Marissa - Cinder (#1, The Lunar Chronicles)
Meyer, Marissa - Scarlet (#2, The Lunar Chronicles)
Miller, Barnabas - 7 Souls
Miller, Kirsten - The Eternal Ones (#1, The Eternal Ones)
Miranda, Megan - Fracture
Morel, Alex - Survive
Morgenstern, Erin - The Night Circus
Moriarty, Jaclyn - Feeling Sorry For Celia (#1, Ashbury/Brookfield)


Near, Allyse - Fairytales for Wilde Girls
Nelson, Jandy - The Sky is Everywhere
Nelson, Jandy - I'll Give You the Sun
Ness, Patrick - A Monster Calls
Noel, Alyson - Radiance (#1, Riley Bloom)

O'Brien, Caragh - Birthmarked (#1, Birthmarked)
O'Brien, Caragh - Prized (#2, Birthmarked)
Ockler, Sarah - Twenty Boy Summer
Oliver, Lauren - Before I Fall
Oliver, Lauren - Delirium (#1, Delirium)
Oliver, Lauren - Pandemonium (#2, Delirium) 
Oliver, Lauren - Requiem (#3, Delirium)
Oliver, Lauren - Liesl & Po
Oliver, Lauren - Vanishing Girls 
Orlando, Jordan - 7 Souls


Papademetriou, Lisa - Siren's Storm (#1, Siren's Storm)
Patrick, Cat - Forgotten
Perkins, Stephanie - Anna and the French Kiss
Perkins, Stephanie - Lola and the Boy Next Door
Perkins, Stephanie - Isla and the Happily Ever After
Peirce, Lincoln - Big Nate Strikes Again (#2, Big Nate)
Picoult, Jodi - Between the Lines
Plaja, Luisa - Split By A Kiss
Plaja, Luisa - Swapped By A Kiss



Ransom, S.C. - Small Blue Thing (#1, Small Blue Thing)
Reeves, Dia - Slice of Cherry (#2, Portero)
Revis, Beth - Across the Universe (#1, Across the Universe)
Revis, Beth - A Million Suns (#2, Across the Universe)
Revis, Beth - Shades of Earth (#3, Across the Universe) review tk!
Rhodes, Morgan - Falling Kingdoms (#1, Falling Kingdoms)
Rosenthal, Lorraine, Zago - Other Words For Love
Roth, Veronica - Divergent (#1, Divergent)
Roth, Veronica - Insurgent (#2, Divergent) 
Roth, Veronica - Allegiant (#3, Divergent) - review tk! 
Rowe, Brian - Happy Birthday To Me (#1, Happy Birthday)
Rowell, Rainbow - Landline

Rutkoski, Marie - The Winner's Curse (#1, Winner's Trilogy)


Sachar, Louis - The Cardturner
Saliba, Sue - Alaska
Schindler, Holly - A Blue So Dark
Schroeder, Lisa - The Day Before
Seles, Monia - Game On (#1) Sepetys, Ruta - Between Shades of Gray
Sepetys, Ruta - Out of the Easy 
Shannon, Samantha - The Bone Season (#1, The Mime Order) - review tk! 
Shepard, Sara - Wicked (#5, Pretty Little Liars)
Shepard, Sara - Killer (#6, Pretty Little Liars)
Shepard, Sara - The Lying Game (#1, The Lying Game)
Shirvington, Jessica - Embrace (#1, Violet Eden Chapters)
Skinner, Alan - Brimstone (#1, Earth, Air, Fire and Water)
Smith, Jennifer E. - The Statistical Probability of Love at First Sight
Snyder, Maria V. - Touch of Power (#1, Healer)
Spinelli, Jerry - Stargirl (#1, Stargirl)
Spotswood, Jessica - Born Wicked (#1, Cahill Witch Chronicles)
St. Crowe, Lili - Strange Angels (#1, Strange Angels) - review tk! Stainton, Keris - Jessie Hearts NYC
Standiford, Natalie - How To Say Goodbye in Robot
Standiford, Natalie - Confessions of the Sullivan Sisters
Stewart, Alison - Days Like This
Stuber, Barbara - Crossing the Tracks
Supplee, Suzanne - Somebody Everybody Listens To
Suzuma, Tabitha - Forbidden


Tanner, Lian - Museum of Thieves (#1, The Keepers)
Taylor, Laini - Daughter of Smoke and Bone (#1, Daughter of Smoke and Bone)
Taylor, Laini - Days of Blood and Starlight (#2, Daughter of Smoke and Bone)
Thompson, Alicia - Psych Major Syndrome



Wall, Katie - I Say Tomato
Wallace, Karen - Emerald
Wealer, Sara Bennett - Rival
Williams, Carol Lynch - The Chosen One
Wood, Fiona - Six Impossible Things
Wood, Fiona - Wildlife - review tk! 
Wood, Maryrose - The Poison Diaries (#1, The Poison Diaries)



Yancey, Rick - The 5th Wave (#1, The 5th Wave)
Yancey, Rick - The Infinite Sea (#2, The 5th Wave)
Yang, Dori Jones - Daughter of Xanadu (#1, Daughter of Xanadu)
Young, Moira - Blood Red Road (#1, Blood Read Road) - review tk
Young, Suzanne - A Need So Beautiful (#1, A Need So Beautiful)


Zevin, Gabrielle - All These Things I've Done (#1, All These Things I've Done) 
Zevin, Gabrielle - Memoirs of a Teenage Amnesiac
Zink, Michelle - Prophecy of the Sisters (#1, Prophecy of the Sisters)

Reading the Classics

Baum, L. Frank - The Wonderful Wizard of Oz - tk! 
Capote, Truman - Breakfast at Tiffany's - tk!
Fitzgerald, F. Scott - The Great Gatsby 
Orwell, George - Animal Farm 
Steinbeck, John - Of Mice and Men 
Smith, Betty - A Tree Grows in Brooklyn - tk! 
Smith, Dodie - I Capture the Castle - tk!
 Woolf, Virginia - Mrs Dalloway
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